Countdown Days for Mac

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Countdown Days is a small tool in status bar to help you keep track of important days. Countdown Days keeps every event on the desktop and lets you know how many days have passed or how many days are left until special events.

Go for it, Countdown Days can keep you informed all the time.

With Countdown Days, you can track things like:

How many days are left until the wedding anniversary?

How many days are left until someone’s birthday?

How many days are left until the examination?

How long have I quitted drinking?

How many days are left until the summer holiday?

Main features:

1) When put the mouse pointer in the upper right corner, there are many options available for you to choose. And when you move out your mouse pointer, it will look nicer, cleaner and save space.

2) Select changeable gradient color instead of solid color. In this way you can change the text color.

3) Choose and click the date you need in the date box.

4) Keyboard shortcuts are available when APP is active.

Press “Apple + N” to create new items

Press “Delete” to remove active items

Press “Enter” to edit active items

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