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CopyTo is a new generation DVD backup software tool to copy your music, games, movies, video, photos and data files. CopyTo provides you with a variety of ways to create CD(s), DVD(s) and Blu-ray(s), such as integration to shell, user friendly frontend or FileDepot technology. With just a few clicks you can backup DVD movies, burn files, folders, pictures or photos, and music (MP3 Ogg Vorbis WMA Flac) to CD DVD. CopyTo uses a smart data analyser which suggests the best output format (audio CD, DVD Video…).

Summary: CopyTo, Ogg Vorbis

Concepts: Vorbis, VLC media player, Sony, Windows Media Audio, Xiph.Org Foundation, MP3, Audio file format, ITunes


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Tags: Ogg Vorbis WMA, DVD backup software, user friendly frontend, VLC media player, CopyTo, smart data analyser, best output format, Windows Media Audio, Audio file format, Ogg VorbisConcepts, WMA Flac, Xiph.Org Foundation, data files, DVD movies, CD DVD, DVD Video, FileDepot technology, audio CD, tv/movies, Blu-ray, music, photos, clicks, Sony, folders, generation, tool, games, variety, ways, integration, pictures, ITunesCategories, /technology, computing/mp3, midi/technology


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