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Convert any type of video into any format: avi, divx, mkv, mp4, dvd, ipads, etc.  Many settings allow you to pad and crop your videos, merge them, add subtitles, rotate, change the luminosity/contrast, and more!

Summary: avi

Concepts: DVD, Comparison of container formats, Container formats, Container format, Video, Audio Video Interleave


  • /technology and computing/mp3 and midi
  • /technology and computing/software
  • /technology and computing/consumer electronics/portable entertainment

Tags: container formats, computing/consumer electronics/portable entertainment, Audio Video InterleaveCategories, Container format, mkv, subtitles, divx, rotate, avi, dvd, settings, Comparison, type, ipads, videos, luminosity/contrast, Summary, aviConcepts, /technology, computing/mp3


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