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Convert and burn your videos to DVD. With ConvertXtoDVD and a few clicks you can backup your movies to DVD playable on any home DVD player. ConvertXtoDVD supports most popular formats such as AVI to DVD VOB, Mov, Mpeg, Mpeg4, MP4, WMV, Xid,DV, Divx, Mkv, MTS, M2TS, Blu-ray , AVCHD, and stream formats to DVD. It converts your files into a compliant DVD Video set of files and burns it on a DVD media.  Subtitles supported and you can make a fully customized menu with the menu editor.

Summary: ConvertXtoDVD, editor

Concepts: DVD, Container format, Comparison of container formats, DVD-Video, MPEG-2, VOB, MPEG-4, Blu-ray Disc


  • /technology and computing/consumer electronics/tv and video equipment/video players and recorders/dvd players and recorders
  • /technology and computing/mp3 and midi
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Tags: home DVD player, compliant DVD Video, fully customized menu, video equipment/video players, DVD VOB, Blu-ray DiscCategories, Container format, container formats, DVD media.&nbsp, popular formats, computing/consumer electronics/tv, menu editor.Summary, recorders/dvd players, Mkv, ConvertXtoDVD, tv/movies, DVD-Video, Mpeg4, WMV, Mov, MP4, MPEG-2, Subtitles, clicks, files, Divx, MPEG-4, MTS, AVI, Mpeg, Convert, videos, movies, Comparison, Xid,DV, M2TS, AVCHD, /technology


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