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Contour Publisher is a script-based console tool that automates report production. It automatically queries relational databases, creates or updates OLAP reports as Contour microcube, MS Excel, MS Word or HTML files, and delivers reports to users.

Contour Publisher can be run on-demand or in accordance with a predetermined schedule. Update scripts for Contour Publisher are composed in Contour Reporter.

Summary: Contour Publisher, Contour Reporter

Concepts: Microsoft


  • /technology and computing/software/databases
  • /business and industrial/company/annual report
  • /business and industrial/agriculture and forestry/food production

Tags: Contour Publisher, Contour Publisher&nbsp, Contour microcube, Contour Reporter.Summary, Contour ReporterConcepts, script-based console tool, relational databases, on-demand or&nbsp, OLAP reports, Update scripts, delivers reports, MS Excel, HTML files, MS Word, industrial/company/annual report/business, forestry/food production, automates, accordance, is&nbsp, users, predetermined&nbsp, schedule.&nbsp, MicrosoftCategories, /technology

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