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This is a suitable script  for Shopzilla affiliates. With this script it's easy to turn your site into a shopping comparison engine using's Api.
With our script your site is entire configurable. Also you can insert Google Adsense if you are registered as Google Affiliate.
Compared with other similar scripts, it has a lot of new features:
– compatible with mobile devices;
– dynamic main menu;
– sitemap generator
– shows products filtered by reduction percentage;
– shows daily deals automatically updated according to the categories chosen in daily deals section;
– shows products filtered by price (can search by min / max price);
– shows products filtered by characteristics (for example appear: screen size for TV, Stores and more);
– developed for PHP servers;
– no database need;

– products with free shipping are highlighted;

– shows product shipping and tax calculated based on a zip code;

– social network buttons (Facebook, Twitter) for every product;

Summary: Google, Shopzilla, mobile devices, Facebook, Twitter, social network, PHP

Concepts: PHP, Social network service, Affiliate marketing, Scripting language, AdWords, Click fraud, AdSense, Web 2.0


  • /technology and computing/internet technology/social network
  • /technology and computing/software/databases
  • /technology and computing/hardware/computer components/chips and processors

Tags: social network, shopping comparison engine, shows daily deals, dynamic main menu, mobile devices, daily deals section, social network buttons, Social network service, shows product shipping, computing/internet technology/social network/technology, Google Adsense, Google Affiliate, Shopzilla affiliates, sitemap generator, suitable script&nbsp, http://www.scriptforshopzilla.comSummary: Google, reduction percentage, similar scripts, new features, min / max, database need, PHP servers, screen size, max price, free shipping, Web 2.0Categories, Click fraud, Affiliate marketing, computing/hardware/computer components/chips, zip code, products, Facebook, Twitter, AdWords, Api, characteristics, TV, PHPConcepts, language, computing/software/databases/technology

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