ConFavor - Context Menu Favorites


ConFavor – Context Menu Favorites
No more searching for important files, applications and directories on all drives of your computer! Here is the solution – ConFavor.
What does ConFavor do?
it displays all the necessary programs, documents and other files or folders in one menu,
it provides easy access to that menu from nearly every place of your computer.
How does ConFavor work?
it integrates with the Shell Context Menu (right mouse click on windows-explorer),
it integrates with the directory tree of Windows Explorer Browser,
it integrates with the “Open”/”Save as…” dialogues of all the popular programs,
it integrates with the Context Menu of Windows Start Button,
it integrates with the Desktop Context Menu
Download ConFavor Free
free for private and commercial use,
no time limitations,
up to 10 favorite items,
no adware and no spyware
more info:

Never Expires

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