Condusiv Diskeeper 12 Professional - 1 PC, FREE Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 1-Year 1-User

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Get Dramatically Faster System Performance

Top of Benefits Box


  • Faster PC Performance
  • Reduced Slows, Lags & Crashes
  • Reduced I/O Activity
  • Extended Disk Life
  • Faster Boot-ups & File Access
  • Faster Application Launch Speeds
  • Fragmentation Prevented
  • Instant & Automatic Defrag
  • Free Space Consolidated
  • No Impact on System Resources
  • Optimizes Hard Drives & SSD

Bottom of Benefits Box

Diskeeper runs transparently and proactively 24/7 to accelerated file I/O ensuring peak application and storage performance. While the background operations are invisible and practically undetectable, the performance benefits are easy to see.

Just by running Diskeeper on your PCs and laptops, users will experience:

  • Faster System Speeds
  • Shorter Boot Times
  • Faster File Access
  • Quicker Application Launch Speeds
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reduced Help Desk Calls

And so much more…

Run Diskeeper on all of your desktops and laptops to maximize your IT investment and get the absolute most performance, reliability and longevity out of every system on your network.


  • Computer Speed – by speeding up file access, application launches, email and internet browsing.
  • User Productivity – by eliminating fragmentation-related performance issues that cause PC slows.
  • Hard Drive Lifespan – by reducing unnecessary I/O activity and hard drive failures.
  • Hard Drive Free Space – by consolidating free space so it can be more efficiently used.
  • Storage Performance – by maximizing the performance of the OS file system and your PC hard drive.


  • Hardware Replacements – by increasing your hardware life & reducing your storage requirements.
  • Overtime – by decreasing the need for off-production, after-hour defrag and system maintenance.
  • Lost Production – by allowing users to work faster and experience fewer PC delays or crashes.
  • Electricity – by reducing the energy consumption and cool requirements for your workstations.

Diskeeper runs unobtrusively in the background elevating PC performance with no scheduling and absolutely no user intervention required.

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