CommuniMate V 5.0
If you are complaining : “It is not possible to reach our particular customers matching some custom criterias, and inform them about our products and services that are aimed to fulfill especially their needs; give them custom news, or send them classical and electronical mailings. …”, you are wrong ! Because, there is ITS now ! There is CommuniMate V5.0 ready to serve you, and fulfill your needs!
Get rid of saying : “I’m sick of forgetfulness, i noted it somewhere here, but where is the phone number of this company ?” and search for little papers or small files diffused to your computers disks! Get rid of loosing customer and company information !! No more papers !
It is TRUE, what you are read ! With help of your “CommuniMate”, you will be able to save your customers’ information organized by sectors, persons, cities…etc. You will have immediate access to these records. You can print labels for a custom part of your records, when you want to send mailings to a certain part of your customers.
It is easy-to-use ! Get your custom report (for example, the customers located in Washington DC, names starting with letters between “A” and “G” and which work in “IT” sector… ), and just click “Print labels” or “Send auto-mail…” buttons. Or you can print the report itself. Get rid of writing mailing labels one by one. Your “CommuniMate” will do this for you ! Your labels will be fully customizable and colorful. When you want to send mail, you should just attach your files, type your mail and click “Send to List” !
Your “CommuniMate” will provide unlimited recording and editing capacity, which will make you able to make yourself known to all companies, and reach them !
“Just wish and let us realize it.”

Never Expires

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