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The Syrian Civil War started with the Arab Spring in early 2011 but has only become more and more complex since then.With international tensions high, and so many players maneuvering in a very small space, it is amazing that the conflict has not overflowed into a general regional or even global war.

The two most likely protagonists in any escalation are Russia and Turkey, countries with many long standing differences of opinion and grudges against each other. In this scenario you play either Russia or Turkey as you attempt to maintain national honour and pride while keeping any hostilities limited. Complicating your efforts are US, Coalition, Syrian, ISIS and Rebel forces. Winning is not always a matter of causing casualties.

Summary: Russia, Turkey, Civil War, US

Concepts: Civil war, American Civil War, Syria, Arabic language, War, Turkey, Iraq, Iraq War


  • /society/unrest and war
  • /law, govt and politics/armed forces/army
  • /art and entertainment/music

Tags: civil war, Syrian Civil War, long standing differences, OLD GRUDGES, American Civil War, likely protagonists, international tensions, Arab Spring, Iraq WarCategories, small space, national honour, Rebel forces, global war, Arabic language, Turkey, Russia, govt, hostilities, escalation, ISIS, scenario, EPISODE, conflict, pride, matter, opinion, players, Coalition, countries, efforts, casualties.Summary, USConcepts, /society/unrest

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