What is ColorDabbler?
ColorDabbler is an all-purpose tool for dabbling with color schemes, and outputting web pages or color values for use in other software programs. It can also be used to visualize paint jobs around your home, interiors and exteriors. You can also use it to create color palettes for use in other popular paint programs. If you’re a web designer, or a computer artist, an interior decorator, or are simply looking for color scheme ideas, then you’ll find ColorDabbler to be a very useful tool. To use ColorDabbler, you drag colors between the various areas of the main window. You can drag colors from the paintwells to the exportlist, or from the exportlist to the color palette window, or from one of the harmonious colors to the html window, or from the current color box to the decorating window etc, etc, etc! Basically, ColorDabbler is a dragging and dropping program. ColorDabbler can create web pages and framesets based on the colors you choose. It can output RGB, HSB, CMYK, Visual Basic, C++, Java and integer color values to your printer, word processing software, or to your clipboard in a handy format. It can output your home decorating pictures to your printer or to a picture file. It provides numerous ways of modifying colors so you can find the color you want. It automatically calculates analogous, triad and complementary color values as well as a selection of colors from the color wheel with the same hue and saturation as your chosen color!
RGB, HSB and CMYK sliders for color adjustment. Color space color composer tool. Hue, Saturation and Brightness color composer tool for playing with color ranges. Color wheel, analogous, triadic and complementary harmonies automatically generated. Custom adjustment controls for varying the analogous color spread and the brightness and saturation of triadic color values . Optional color background for viewing the color harmonies against custom color backgrounds. Eyedropper control for grabbing colors from anywhere on your screen. HTML design page for producing html pages in 4 different frame styles. Handy Exportlist button copies your web page colors to the exportlist and names the elements for you, for use in outputting to the clipboard or printer or picture. Paintwells for holding up to 10 different colors. Export list for storing and exporting an unlimited amount of colors in your choice of 8 different type of color value formats. ( RGB, HSV, CMYK, Html, VB, C++, Java, Integer) The colors of the exportlist can be named to make referencing an easier task. Color values, names and example color swatches can be outputted to a printer, a picture file or a Rich Text File. The exportlist copy button copies the list to the clipboard in commented form for use in software programming or html scripts. Palette creator that accepts an unlimited amount of colors. Create and save new palette files you can use in other software programs. Colors can be named for reference purposes. The entire palette can be sent to the exportlist for outputting color values, names and swatches to your printer, picture file or word processor. Full screen color viewing mode with optional RGB, HSB or CMYK color readouts. Use the keyboard to adjust Hue, Saturation and Brightness. See anywhere from 1 to 256 palette colors covering your entire screen. Save entire working sessions to a file. Loading saved sessions returns the program to the state it was in when the program was saved. Great for working on multiple projects. Full drag and drop functionality for moving colors around within the ColorDabbler window. Simply drag the color you want to the HTML window to add color to the background or text. Drag a color to the palette window to add a new palette color. Drag a color to the paintwell window to add it to the paintwells. Drag a color to the a windowframe in the decorate window to see it painted in that color! Very easy to use! ColorDabbler has a stylish interface and is easy to use. It makes finding color schemes a delightful and rewarding experience!

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