Colnect Premium Membership 1 Year Single Payment


Please read the exact description for Colnect Premium Membership on

You may choose different lengths of registration. The longer the period, the cheaper the per-month price is.

Happy collecting :)

Please visit the information page before signing up:

Premium membership gives you access to several features that will enhance your Colnect experience. Colnect provides most of its services for free. If you regularly use Colnect, please consider supporting us by becoming a premium member.

With your support, we will be able to add more services to Colnect. Your suggestions are most welcomed, please use the suggestions forum.

Already supported:

* Quick Mark
* Custom Personal Lists
* Private Item Notes
* Premium Members Highlighting
* Removing Ads

Next services we plan to implement:

* Export your personal collection to a file.
* Real mailing address verification.
* Get alerts when chosen items are changed.
* Find out who viewed your profile and when.
* More, more, more… ;)

Never Expires

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