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The CODiE™ Awards recognize excellence in the business software, digital content, and education technology industries. Through a thorough review of products and services by people who know the industry, the CODiE™ Awards allow companies to validate their products against the competition. The products that qualify as finalists benefit from a comprehensive publicity program that involves traditional media outreach, social media activity, and opportunities for expressing thought leadership in the technology community through SIIA.

Summary: social media, SIIA

Concepts: Educational psychology, Sociology, Communication, Industry, Publicity, Public relations, Marketing, Lalo Schifrin


  • /technology and computing
  • /business and industrial/advertising and marketing/public relations
  • /business and industrial/business software

Tags: comprehensive publicity program, education technology industries, traditional media outreach, social media activity, Lalo SchifrinCategories, digital content, thorough review, business software, Educational psychology, Public relations, technology community, marketing/public relations/business, industrial/business software, products, finalists, CODiE&trade, Awards, industry, excellence, Sociology, services, people, companies, competition, opportunities, leadership, SIIA.Summary, SIIAConcepts, Communication

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