Clouditute Vowels Plan

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This is the basic subscription plan for the Clouditute Institute & School Management System. This plan provides following features:

  • Creating and managing Faculty users.
  • Creating and managing student users.
  • Defining subjects.
  • Defining courses offered for the calender year based on subjects.
  • Creating inventory of facilities provided by the school/institute.
  • Creating classes for available courses with all the facilities available in the class.

Summary: School Management System, Clouditute Institute

Concepts: Management, Operations research, Plan, Planning, Supply chain management, Project management, Class, Social class


  • /finance/personal finance/lending/student loans
  • /home and garden/bed and bath/bedroom/bedding and bed linens
  • /education/alumni and reunions

Tags: basic subscription plan, School Management, /finance/personal finance/lending/student loans/home, Supply chain management, Clouditute Institute, Faculty users, student users, Operations research, Social classCategories, Clouditute InstituteConcepts, bed linens/education/alumni, Project management, available courses, calender, amp, subjects, facilities

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