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What is Cleanwash
Cleanwash is a desktop point of sale application for managing your dry-cleaning, laundry, sewing, tailoring, alteration and laundromat business. The application has been carefully designed to take care of all the repeated and strenuous work of keeping and finding records, generating receipts and reports.
Why Cleanwash
Cleanwash is simple to use and has an intuitive interface. It is user-friendly, which means you can mostly start using it without any tech guide. I has lots of reports which can be printed. It does not select hardware, its not technical to install. It keeps endless records or data as long as you have the storage space to hold it. You can backup and restore your data as often as you want and so much more
Some features
Records are stored securely
Automated computation
Point of sale interface (POS)
Customize almost everything
Large storage
Find utility
Print receipts
Print reports
Print tags
Print Invoice
Custom payments
Send SMS
Send Email
User Roles
You can print receipts, factory receipt, cloth tags, and generate over 21 unique reports

Summary: Cleanwash, point of sale

Concepts: Receipt, Point of sale, Invoice, Clothing, Payment, Australian Business Number, Storage, Printing


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