Cisdem BetterUnarchiver for Mac - License for 5 Macs

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Cisdem BetterUnarchiver is the Mac Unarchiver and archiver that lets you batch compress files, preview the contents inside archives and unzip (entirely or partially) archive files on Mac.

Summary: Mac

Concepts: Archive, Tar, Internet Archive, Archive format, File archiver, Archive file, Comparison of file archivers


  • /technology and computing/software/databases
  • /technology and computing/mp3 and midi
  • /technology and computing/operating systems/unix

Tags: batch compress files, File archiver, Cisdem BetterUnarchiver, Mac Unarchiver, file archiversCategories, Internet Archive, Archive format, archive files, Archive file, Tar, Comparison, contents, archives, Mac.Summary, MacConcepts, /technology, computing/software/databases/technology, computing/mp3

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