ChessAnalyse can analyse chess games in pgn files and compare the moves with chess engine moves.
– any uci compatible chess engine can be loaded to analyse moves
– every chess engine parameter can be set up and tuned manually
– opening books in Polyglot bin format are supported to detect book moves
– analysis can be done either with fixed time per move or fixed depth plies per move.
– analysed data can be saved to pgn format and reloaded again
– moves and statistical data can be filtered by player name and other parameters or manually
– a graphical chess board visualises moves
– metainformation about games (names, location, etc.) and moves (comments, etc.) is displayed
– ChessAnalyse has got a valid-move-check- and a check-mate-detection-mechanism implemented in order to detect invalid pgn notations
– 1-2-3-best-move statistics and score deviation statistics can be displayed for an arbitrary chosen set of moves
– a score bar chart compares the move scores with the best computer move for each game and is continuously updated during the analysis.
– analysis report can be created in pgn format containing summarized tables for best moves.
– free demo version can be turned to full version by input of a registration key
ChessAnalyse is running under XP, Vista, Windows 7 (.NET Framework 3.5 required).

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