Central Europe + Eastern Europe + MRE - VDO Dayton non C-IQ CD v.2012/2013 Full Version


Enjoy driving all across Central Europe: more than 1.000 speed cameras registered in your new map update! Austria: 702 – Czech Republic: 259.
– Upgraded speed camera database included in this release:
– Improved camera classification: speed, red light, section control.
– On-the-ground verification by professional cartographers.
– Removal of inactive speed cameras.”

*The following countries are excluded from the data base: Germany, Portugal, Switzerland and Ireland.

Warning: this map update contains speed cameras for France. Within a time period agreed with the French Authorities, a new update will be offered to remove French speed cameras from your navigation system.

Central Europe is has always been important as a destination for tourism and for business. With plenty of winter sports in the Alps, startling contrasts and cities to engage visitors Austria and Switzerland offer visitors in search of culture and scenery a plethora of breathtaking scenery and business centres alike – Vienna and Innsbruck , Zurich and Geneva, without forgetting Liechtenstein.

However this latest edition also enables you to explore the thriving and historic city centres of Mannheim, Munich and Stuttgart in Southern Germany or those Milan and Turin in Northern Italy. Clear and rich maps of all significant roads, thousands of points of interest from golf courses to theatres, and from hotels to car parks – this latest edition NAVTEQ digital map is the perfect driving companion for travel anywhere in Central Europe.

Additional features include Major Roads of Europe.

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