Categorizing Data for Excel


If your problem consists in categorizing or stratifying specific data of your Excel spreadsheet information, then Categorizing Data for Excel is the solution.
This product is an addin for Microsoft Excel that, allows you: Categorizing records in a database, based on a category table. Extracting unique values from a column in a database and building another table with that data. Stratifying time by: years, months, weeks and inclusive days lapsed. Making stratification based in a correspondence one-to-one. Knowing if a particular table is well designed, using “stratification table sufficiency” tool. Separating a column in its different parts o categories. And more…
In this new version 2.5.0 of Categorizing Data for Excel:
Now, with Spreadsheet Categorizing Data you can insert Heatmaps:
What is a Heatmap?

A Heatmap is a graphical representation of data where the values taken by a variable, in a two-dimensional (or more) map, are represented as colors, size, background, etc.
With Heatmaps you can analyze your data with up to 5 dimensions, using:

1. Font Size.
2. Font Color.
3. Font Type.
4. Background Color.
5. Inserting Images.

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