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Capture email addresses is the software that allows you to extract email addresses from targeted search engine Google. It is designed to extract thousands of email addresses. The speed and accuracy of our product is just great.

The three strengths:

    Extracting emails based on results provided by google
Analysis of the entire content of a site to retrieve emails
Capture emails found on the website of Pro Pages.

Marketing departments have spent hundreds of hours or more of tedious work to search for email addresses to use for their email campaigns. Due to the large size of the web, the countless hours have been spent effectively and are not effective.

Instead of wasting a lot of time looking for addresses and paste them into your contact database e-mail, you can now use Capture email addresses. You set the search parameters by keywords, areas of integration or any other criteria you want and let the software searching.

Using your chosen keywords, the software searches in Google to find the types of businesses or websites to which you are interested.

Much faster than a human, the thousands of collected data is analyzed in real time.

Thousands of results will be compiled in a list of email contacts, saved on your computer you can export in various formats.

The research results are easy to export to any file or text document. You will not need to sort addresses to find and eliminate duplicates. The software automatically removes duplicate email addresses.

Using this system, you have more free time to manage the actual operation of your business and email campaigns.

Our software is powerful, fast and reliable. This tool is essential when building your mailing list. The program retrieves all valid email addresses. It creates an output file containing valid emails without duplicates.

This solution is a must for professionals in the field of marketing. It very easy to use, fast and has a friendly interface.

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