CadIdesk Medium


Descriptif :
Opening of plans and drawings formats DXF and DWG (format AutoCAD ® V2.5 format in 2009).
Importing DWF files.
Opening multiple drawings (MDI interface: Multiple Document Interface).
DRAWING (Creation and Modification) :
Insertion and changed lines, polylines, circles, ellipses, text, sides …
Hanging objects
Featured automatic objects (tracking polar)
Creation and insertion of blocks
And of course: Copy, Distance, Fit, Warp, Mirror, Chamfer, nipples …
Printing plans on all printers Windows ®: paper and electronic (PDF, PNG …)
Publication plans DWF, SVG native …
Printing paramètrable completely through the presentations.
Creation and setting up your own presentations.
Tabs from one presentation to another.
Registration formats DXF and DWG.
Exporting DWF format.

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