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Tired of unwanted Bluetooth access in public places? Want the Bluetooth to turn off after you have sent or received a data via BT? BT Guard is a security application against Bluetooth attacks and unauthorized access. Bt Guard also saves your battery life, not wasting energy for BT being always on. BT Guard makes your phone invisible or automatically switches Bluetooth off if you have not used it for certain time, defined by you. Application also may ask you about confirmation before turning it on or off. There are many viruses, which target mobile phones with Symbian OS. BT Guard switches your Bluetooth off, in this way protecting your phone from viruses and BT attacks. Key Features:  Application automatically switches Bluetooth status and Bluetooth visibility  Ability to make your phone invisible for others and at the same time be active  You can easily set idle time after which the Bluetooth will change its status  Confirmation asking can be set to always, never or if your Bluetooth is active  Friendly and simple user interface, to be configured only once. Registration Information The trial version is limited for 10 days. A license code based on IMEI is provided upon purchase. You may purchase the BT Guard from shop

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