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Bounce Detector ImageBounce Detector is a small program that helps you find bounce/invalid email ID. When you send a mail to a recipient then if that recipient does not exists you will get a return mail. Bounce detector can detect that mail and store the bounce ID in its own database using some customized rules. It keeps other mails untouched. Then you can compare your master list with Bounce ID database and you will get a fresh all valid master lists. It is a tiny essential program for your email marketing needs. It saves you both time and money. Only spend for those who really exist. Bounce Detector recognizes a variety of bounced email messages and can extract the email address from a bounced email.

    * Recognize hard bounces and return the bounced email address.
    * Recognize soft bounces and return the bounced email address.
    * Recognize "sender blocked" bounces.
    * Recognize auto-reply emails, such as "out-of-office" email.
    * Recognize transient messages, such as "Delivery Status / No Action Required".
    * Recognize subscribe and unsubscribe requests.
    * Recognize virus email notifications.
    * Recognize Anti-SPAM challenge/response emails.
    * Recognize email address change notification messages.

Other Features:

    * It has ability to save all bounce collected from the first time.
    * Compare your master list against bounce database to remove all bounce id from your master list.
    * Easy navigation system with nice user interface.
    * Multiple thread can check multiple accounts at the same time. The process makes it faster.
    * Save collected or filtered bounce list in many format.

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