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The Bootstrap Navigation Bar extension implements a multi-level, responsive navigation bar optimized for desktop computers and mobile (touch) devices.
On desktop computer the menu will display a standard drop down menu and on mobile devices it will display a multi-level stacked menu with the familiar ‘hamburger’ icon. The menu is inspired by the Bootstrap navbar component. Unlike most other drop down menus, this menu requires a click to open the sub menus instead of mouse over. This makes the menu work the same way on desktops and touch devices.


  • Supports Font Awesome icons 
  • Hamburger menu can be positioned at the left and right side of the menu 
  • Sub menu padding
  • Supports full width in layout grids. 
  • Configurable arrow offset and drop down shadow color. 
  • Text alignment in sub menus 
  • Integrates with @font-face and Google fonts functionality of WWB




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