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This extension implements a responsive PHP guestbook for WYSIWYG Web Builder inspired by the look and feel of Bootstrap.

 Use a text file or a MySQL database to store the messages.
 Password protected admin area to delete posts or ban users (based on IP or email address).
 CAPTCHA (Image Verification) to verify Human user submission and block automated spam including reCAPTCHA v2 / Invisible reCAPTCHA.
 Easily change text strings, fonts, colors and other properties of the guestbook.
 Email notification when someone has signed the guestbook.
 HTML5 validation.
 Logs IP address, only visible for administrators.
 Admin approval of messages or user email verification.
 BBCode and Smileys support.
 Responsive layout with hamburger menu for smaller screens.
 Pagination for multi-page display.
 PHP Mailer support (qmail, sendmail, SMTP with authentication).


(admin password: password, database actions are disabled!)


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