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Three click book creation

Select Book – Select Photos – Define parameters and get the book preview.

Select book

  • Start with the defining the book size and type you want to design. Choose the ready presets of book sizes like center pinning, perfectbind, photopaper and wirobind in ready or personalized cover and also in different paper types or create new one.

Center Pinning

Perfectbind Softcover

Perfectbind Hardcover


Select Photos

  • Get in your photos from any location of computer. Even go for photo importing through USB, Bluetooth and Facebook.


Personalize book with handy decors.


  • 200+ page layouts in combination with different no of photos

Title and text

  • Write in your favorite quotes / custom messages in any language, any font, decorate them with color or texture, shadow, outline, etc.


  • Suitable cliparts can be a part of your holiday book, birthday party, etc.


  • Collection of 500+ decors in built plus you can bring in your favorites.

Photo edit

Photo polishing to make them ready for printing.


  • Color correction of photos to give it a fine touch. Manage RGB and brightness, contrast of the photo. More editing possibility with tools like curve and level and many more.


Output flexibility for printing and sharing books.

Print flexibility

  • Flexibility in output according to printers. Generate JPG and PDF output according to printer compatibility. JPG in the specified color profile with automatic inner blank cover creation.


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