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Bolide Movie Creator – easy to use HD video editor.

Yes, we tried to develop the easiest video editing software. And we are quite succeed. My 7 y.o. son using this program for his Youtube channel :)

So, with Bolide Movie Creator you can:

  • split, cut, join video clips
  • control video sound volume in a flexible way
  • add dozens of video effects as a transitions between the clips
  • add text comments
  • mix several video clips at the same time
  • add your own logo, graphics over the video, you can add animation for appearance/disappearance
  • change your clip's playback speed (either slower or faster). Slowmotion? Yes!
  • zoom to the specified area in your video clip or highlight that area with the special effect
  • tune brigtness, contrast and saturation of your video
  • rotate your video
  • feel like a video editing Wizard! :)

We are waiting for your order! Join thousand of happy customers today!

Summary: video editing, Youtube, editor

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