BlogCafe Network Premier Membership & Hosting BlogCafe Premier Membership- Online Branding & Hosting


What we will provide?

  • Guide/create you to set up your own Web Space set up- We will create your own web-space with BlogCafe at or
  • Membership to our Privileged Network with access to :
    • Related online market research data.
    • Hot Topics to write about.
    • Online Trends
    • Content from across the web
    • International News
  • Showcase your content in our Network, where others can access it and read it.
  • Promote your content in Social Media – With a strong presence in Social Media, BlogCafe can promote and advertise your content that will draw audience to your content and build your user base and gives social recognition.
  • Ad-Exchange- Your content will be monetized by our in-house Ads, from our clients and you will earn revenue over that.
  • Manage Technology and Marketing for you.


What you can do at BlogCafe:

  • Share your knowledge, ideas, opinions and original work with a global audience
  • Showcase your Products and sell them to a wider audience.
  • Write your Opinions on existing Products and provide sales and marketing to those companies them.
  • Earn Money from your visitors, advertising, offers and as commissions from sales.
  • Receive feedback and insights from a community of fellow writers and improve your services
  • Build a portfolio of your content and products.



How You Earn with BlogCafe?

  • Ad-Exchange- Your content will be monetized by our Ad-Exchange and revenue will be shared between BlogCafe and You.
  • Content- Earn cash by selling your Content to other sites.
  • Advertising- Earn Money on Direct Advertising.
  • Product Sales- Market your Products and offers here and earn 100% money on all orders.
  • Win Money- Win Money while writing for essay or journal entry contests on BlogCafe.
  • Revenue Share- Earn money when we showcase your content on our Network.
  • Other Streams- Available through our Content Network.
  • Cross Monetization- Sites on BlogCafe cross monetize each other via our Ad-Exchange and enhance user experience.


What is BlogCafe?
We are a complete publishing service that enables users to easily publish quality content of any type, in any media format. We will manage and maintain your work on world class hardware and also showcase your work on our network of niche websites so you reach a wider audience, gain more recognition and earn more revenue.

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