BlazeVideo TV Recorder Summer Sale


BlazeVideo TV Recorder is a full-featured and easy to use HDTV player software, combining HDTV playback, FM receiving, video record and recording file converter functions. You can make advantage of PC monitor's high resolution, watch, record, playback high definition HDTV program or teletext broadcast program.

BlazeVideo TV Recorder has wide compatibility, supporting most popular TV Card with BDA interface on market, runs stably and smoothly on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 operating systems.

Key Features

* Auto scanning channels and save all channels
* Support Electronic Program Guide(EPG) navigation
* Live update and forecast HDTV Program
* Support multi-channel preview, easily access target channel
* Support TimeShifting function
* Check programs info, such as service provider, channel frequency, service type, etc
* Notify current program's duration time, the start time and the end time
* Support Multiple Real-time & Schedule Task:
Real-time record and save your favorite program while watching HDTV program
* Schedule record HDTV program, never miss any wonderful programs
* Schedule watch program at specified time
* Support Teletext broadcasting
* Support to listen to FM radio
* Freely manage favorite program list
*Support to convert the recording files into various video formats for playback on iPad/iPhone/iPod/PSP/BlackBerry/3GP/other media players

Summary: BDA, FM radio, player software, Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, media players

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