BlazeVideo DVD Ripper Summer Sale


BlazeVideo DVD Ripper is specially designed for BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, Apple iPod, Sony PSP or smart phone to convert your loved DVDs to MP4 or 3GP files, expanding you enjoyment on your portable devices mentioned above conveniently and easily.

BlazeVideo DVD Ripper can support Windows XP/Vista, especially support Windows 7.

Other features:
*Very simple operations , even a new beginners can complete the process of converting DVD to MP4 or 3GP formats for their BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, Apple iPod, Sony PSP or smart phone fast without any difficulty
*Fantastically expand your entertainments on BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, Apple iPod, Sony PSP and smart phones for the excellent video&audio MP4 or 3GP quality  
*  DVD Title / Chapter Preview: help you select the contents you need correctly and discard the unneeded
 * Multiple converting modes: Entire Disc, Main Movie, Customize
* Entire Disc: completely convert all the Special Features, Intros, Menus, Subtitles & Languages to MP4 or 3GP format for your BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, Apple iPod, Sony PSP or smart phone
* Main Movie: intelligently convert the main movie titles by removing all unnecessary intros, menus, languages and sound tracks automatically
* Customize: personalize target MP4 or 3GP file, just favorite title/chapter/subtitle/audio remained; and customize target MP4 or 3GP file size to fit to your BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, Apple iPod, Sony PSP or smart phone memory
* User-friendly Interface, just one click without any complicated settings
* High-speed encoder ensures smooth conversion of video and audio data, offering you a big surprise
* Multiple language interfaces selectable
*Auto upgrade checking unceasing and manual upgrade request monthly, help you never miss any latest version!
*The convenient online help documents make you enjoy our help service anywhere anytime!
* Free Minor Version Upgrade and Patches
* Free Technical Support
* Free 14-day Trial  Version

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