Battle Academy 2 Eastern Front PC/MAC Physical with Free Download


Sequel to its genre-busting predecessor, Battle Academy 2 moves the action east – to the bloodied plains of Mother Russia. When a gritty new look, great new features, and random mission generation meet battle-proven gameplay you can be sure of a strategy classic!

Summary: Mother Russia, Battle Academy

Concepts: Russia, Video game genres, The Action, Features new to Windows Vista


  • /society/unrest and war
  • /law, govt and politics/law enforcement/police
  • /hobbies and interests/games/video and computer games

Tags: gritty new look, random mission generation, Video game genres, Mother Russia, great new features, genre-busting predecessor, battle-proven gameplay, strategy classic, Windows VistaCategories, politics/law enforcement/police/hobbies, Battle AcademyConcepts, govt, Sequel, action, plains

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