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BASS Threaded Mixer Library is a BASS add-on that implements a BASS mixer channel which mixes the pluged-in source channels in separate parallel threads to be used with professional low-latency ASIO output.
The more sources are added and the more DSP/processing is needed for the sources the more effective the library is compared to single threaded processing.
The library is especially useful for CPUs that have limited single-core performance but have a lot of cores, like the octa-core AMD CPUs.

Add any number of source channels to the mixer
When only 1 source is plugged-in no threading is performed
Achieve nearly real-time low-latency with heavy DSP/processing of the sources
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Shareware License: for usage of the component in an unlimited number of your shareware software.
Commercial License: for usage of the component in a single commercial product or using it inside a commercial company.
For the shareware license, the product must sell for no more than €40 each. The price limit can be raised by purchasing duplicate licences, eg. 2 licences doubles it.
In all cases there are no royalties to pay, and you can use all future updates without further cost, all you need to do is just obtain the newest version.

If none of these licenses match your requirements, or if you have any questions, get in touch ([email protected]).

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