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There is nothing like the freedom of running your own business – but the paperwork and record keeping can drain your enthusiasm, time and energy. Slash your compliance costs with B-free Small Business and have more time to run your business!
B-free Small Business is tailor made for small businesses, contractors and franchisees. All you need is access to Internet banking and the easily followed B-free software. No need for double entry bookkeeping, confusing accounting jargon or continual sorting through receipts to manually enter data.

With B-free Small Business you can:
Prepare your accounts, including your BAS, in minutes.
Forget the drudgery of entering data for your accounts by hand – just download the information you need from your bank statements.
Get accurate and up to the minute reports on your business without having to input endless figures.
Dispense with the need for bank reconciliations – B-free does them automatically.
With B-free the correct figures are always automatically copied from your bank statements, minimising data entry errors.

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