B-Folders 4 Desktop Edition

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All-in-one, secure and integrated

  • notepad
  • contact manager
  • task manager
  • password manager
  • bookmark manager
  • journal



Totally secure your data

All your data is fully encrypted with a strong, password-based, government-grade 256-bit AES cipher. This way your information is protected from unauthorized access by thieves, hackers and malware.
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Easily sync all your devices

The unique sync technology of B-Folders allows you to securely keep your data in sync on multiple computers and mobile devices without a central server so you never have to store your private information on the Web.
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Desktop Edition for Windows, Mac and Linux

  • US $29.95 excl. VAT. Learn more
  • Free updates for the same major version number


Android Edition for smartphones and tablets

  • FREE for personal and commercial use


Migrate from other applications


And more…

  • instantly log in to web sites
  • keep bank accounts, memberships, identity documents, serial numbers
  • use it as an outliner to brainstorm and organize ideas
  • keep checklists and shopping items
  • keep track of projects and sub-projects
  • implement the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology
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