Automatic Scuttle Submitter 10% discount for new clients


Automatic Scuttle Submitter is powerful social bookmarking software for websites powered by Scuttle, SemanticScuttle and Scuttle Plus scripts. The software automatically registers user accounts, parses and spins meta tags and submits domains to thousands of social bookmarking places for faster indexing, better rankings, higher traffic and sky-high earnings. Equipped with innovative modules for professionals, Scuttle sites submitter is actually simple, therefore it can be used by anyone who seeks ultimate backlinks building solution.

Other Automatic Scuttle Submitter features like 100% automation with no user interaction required, cross-platform compatibility, proxy servers support and random rotation, real-time Scuttle sites verification, custom bookmarking sites support, advanced customization, detailed submission reports, free lifetime updates, and more make it the best solution not only for boosting search engine rankings, but also for keeping current positions stable and preventing others from outranking your domains and loosing targeted traffic which is so hard to gain…

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