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Reciprocal links, cross linking, or swapping links with other web sites is one of the most effective, low cost, means of generating traffic for your web site.Not only do you receive traffic from the sites that feature your link, but it also increases your site's Link Popularity in the search engines. These links can really give BIG BOOST to your ranking in search results and increase your traffic from these search engines also.


Unfortunately, how many of your reciprocal link partners are still listing your site?

By simply checking each link, you will be surprised by the number of web sites that have dropped you!

The time intensive task of checking these links manually, requires opening each individual site, scanning for your links and then contacting the site owner if you have been removed. This takes time and how much is your time worth?

You can now automatically and periodically monitor your links on partner sites and be notified by email when your link has been dropped or replaced.


What Do You Get?

  • Administration area to add, delete, modify pages to monitor.
  • You can give the address of your web site to which links should point.
  • Cron file to send you daily report on which Link Partners are still linking back to you through crontab.
  • Configure parameters of the script through password protected admin panel.
  • Detailed instructions to install the script.


ONLINE DEMO (Front End):

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