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The software is an automation launcher for scheduling of multiple events to shutdown, hibernate, or sleep your computer based upon triggers of time, a countdown of time, busy or idle CPU, mouse or keyboard idle, heat, and with mobile computers battery charge.  
Based upon your criteria the system will eliminate your computer being left on when no one is using it. Reducing unproductive usage saves electricity and produces longer computer life. User's can set up shutdowns, hibernation, or restarts exceptions which delay till a download ends or while critical programs run. Likewise events can terminate or start programs. An optional countdown dialog enables users to skip, delay, or cancel scheduled events in the last minute before activation. Users can add or edit an unlimited number of scheduled. 
User's can specify specific blocks of time where no one can use their computer. This parental control keeps children off the computer after bedtime. Professionals' value blocked time because this security feature protects stored confidential documents from being stolen from their computers while away from the office even if the thief has the computer's password. 
Timed events can be set for daily, weekly, monthly, annually, once, and also blocked time. The following scheduled tasks are supported: Timed, duration as a countdown, idle, busy, mouse or keyboard idle, heat, insufficient battery power, sleep, power on, restart, log off, lock, hibernate, turn off a monitor, launch or terminate any program, open and display a file, open a URL, and show a message. 
Network Administrators may with a single schedule hosted on their Internet web site administrate the task schedules of computer groups of any size. 
The program is perfect for work stations, laptops, notebooks and tablets.  The software is available in 66 languages with internal tutorials.  This software works in Windows 10,  Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP, for both 32 and 64 bit environments.
Auto Shutdown Pro II is a shareware product.  After the trial, if the customer has not purchased a license, Auto Shutdown Pro II gracefully degrades to its freeware addition Auto Shutdown Free, which lacks the Premium Features of the Pro.  Customers can also install Auto Shutdown Free as separate product  if they like.  Further Auto Shutdown Pro II and Auto Shutdown Free both include to additional products;  AutoZIP II and AutoFTP Client which themselves can also be installed separately as Freeware programs themselves.   However, none of the Premium Features – essentially scheduling and more – will run if this central product is not in an Auto Shutdown Pro II state.   That is to say, the program has toi be running as Auto Shutdown Pro II either within the trial or licensed for any of the Premium Features to operate even within AutoZIP II or AutoFTP Client.   The customer can buy a license and upgrade from the trial or as Auto Shutdown Free at any time to run permanently as a licensed Auto Shutdown Pro II.
The Premium Features exclusive to Auto Shutdown Pro II at this time are these:
(1)  Mouse and Keyboard Idle,
(2)  Busy Shutdown,
(3) Heat Shutdown,
(4) Blocked Time (security and parental control),
(5) Program Launching,
(6) Action Schedules (for networks),
(7) AutoFTP Scheduling,
(8) AutoZIP Scheduling, and
(9) Lifetime License of the computer.
Should the user wish to, the license on one computer can be transferred to another computer.   There are three more integrated utilities – which could be installed as stand alones – that will be added to this suite of programs as time allows for their continuing development:  AutoDownload and Browser, AutoRegClean, and AutoDefrag.   All these utilities plus AutoZIP II and AutoFTP Client have scheduling that words together as an integrated suite.  For example, shutdowns in Auto Shutdown Pro II are delayed if any other scheduled function is taking place at that time, and a scheduled task from any one of these utilities can be chained together with any other utilities schedule to create a unified process, all to create an unlimited degree of automation available to user’s no where else in the world.   The scheduling then in Auto Shutdown Free, AutoFTP Client, AutoZIP II, AutoDownload and Browser, AutoRegClean, and AutoDefrag thus exist to encourage the eventual licensing to the customer of Auto Shutdown Pro II.   
The existence of Auto Shutdown Free is to insure that the customer remains loyal to the product line, because next to Auto Shutdown Pro II, Auto Shutdown Free is the most feature rich shutdown application in the world.   Because the scheduling is not available if the individual utilities are installed as stand alones, these other utilities exist to encourage the customer to eventually install Auto Shutdown Pro II as well.  Thus, all these programs which can still be installed and operate as individual products work to encourage the eventual single sale when the customer is ready of Auto Shutdown Pro II.   Presently, in the order of development AutoDownload and Browser is the current program in development for release in 2015.   AutoRegClean and AutoDefrag will be developed thereafter.   All the individual programs are feature rich world class top of the line programs.  No other automation suite collectively or individually like this exists anywhere in the world.   The intent then is for this suite to become “must have” programming for all Windows computers world wide.

If Auto Shutdown Pro II is sold by a vendor, the actual license key for the product is the customer’s email address.   The vendor must receive from the customer at point of sale the customer’s email address, and then transmit that email address to Auto Shutdown Pro along with the number of units purchased.   Activation of Auto Shutdown Pro II licensing is accomplished by simply entering the customer’s email address into the programs registration option.   The customer can activate licensing for as many units of Auto Shutdown Pro II as he has paid for.
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