Audio Notetaker for PC Perpetual License


Audio Notetaker is a software package which enables you to make better notes through working with audio which has been recorded using a digital recorder, recorded directly into Audio Notetaker, or downloaded from the internet.

Audio Notetaker can benefit anyone who finds it difficult to make notes while listening or those who find it difficult to review recordings, whether you are a student recording lectures, making recordings of meetings or interviews at work or just wanting to listen to podcasts.

Live Note-taking: record directly on to your laptop via Audio Notetaker. Add keywords, highlight key points using colour markers and annotation tools or break up notes into sections in real time.
Image pane: display PowerPoint slides and images alongside your audio recordings. Simply import entire presentations.
Audio and notes file manager: From the importing of your files from your recorder, to searching for specific words and phrases within your files, the Audio Notetaker file manager tools helps manage all your notes and audio files.
Full-screen mode: review your recordings and notes in the new full screen mode.
Export Tools: Audio Notetaker’s powerful “Save to Album” feature has been enhanced to incorporate images so that students listening to their edited recordings on portable devices (such as an iPod or MP3 player) can view the related images or slides. You can also export text and images to a document suitable for word processing.
Save as ‘.ran’: ‘Rich Audio Notes’ is an integrated file format which saves your audio with your images and text, making it easier to share your files with friends and colleagues using our free viewer.
Linked audio: this feature allows you to make edits to the audio without affecting the original file. This maintains the integrity of the original file.
Extract: you can extract all highlighted segments or sections, saving them in a new file. This is useful for when you only want to save the important bits of a recording.
Easy keyboard navigation: all editing or formatting features in Audio Notetaker have quick keyboard shortcuts. This means you can create new sections, jump through sections, highlight etc, whilst listening and notetaking.
Index mark support: Audio Notetaker will recognise index marks inserted into WMA and WAV files using Olympus recorders; when audio files from these recorders are imported, section breaks are inserted at each index mark.
Speed-up/slow-down: Audio Notetaker can increase and decrease the speed of the audio without changing its pitch. This is very useful if you want to get through a recording even quicker, or need to slow something down to digest it more easily!
Volume control: Control the volume of your recording.
Spell-checker: Make sure your notes are spelt correctly with the spell checker.
Highlight: Highlight sections and segments a multitude of different colours.
Recovery system: a reliable recovery system ensures you never lose work.
Options: fully customisable options.

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