Audio Comparer + Image Comparer bundle Black Friday 2019


Audio Comparer + Image Comparer bundle – get rid of both duplicate music and image files with this special offer.

Both programs are capable to compare actual file content. In other words, Audio Comparer actually listen to your music files and remember them, then compare them by sound. Image Comparer remember all the images you scan and compare them by the actual image data then. This way allow to find the duplicates of different file formats. For example, you have the same song in some lossless format and in MP3 format. Usual duplicate finder program will calculate the checksum for these files and will not identify them as a duplicate. Audio Comparer will compare actual sound and will find them very similar, so these files will be included to the possible duplicates list. You can test the programs for free. 30 day trial versions are available for download.


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