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ASTGD AutoResponder is ultimate tool to automate replies. It will automatically search your mail for incoming coded mails and it will reply back to those mail using multiple SMTPs.

You can easily add email account to check for incoming mails at a given time differences. Whenever there is a mail ASTGD AutoResponder will reply back with predefined messages. Very easy to manage and an automated tool to save your time and money.
Multiple SMTP & Rotation

Another big features, it supports multiple SMTP and SMTP rotation. So you do not have any fear of getting blacklisted. It will automatically rotate SMTP server after sending specific amount of mails. Easy to manage SMTP server for future use. You can save, load, test SMTP list without any hassle. ASTGD AutoResponder supports all type of free and paid SMTP server. You can easily use gmail, hotmail, yahoo, msn and other free SMTP server as the software already have built in configuration. ASTGD AutoResponder is thus the most advance and unique auto replier out there.

ASTGD Auto replier also supports multiple reply message management and random reply message technology. You can compose multiple HTML reply message and save them for future use. You can also select multiple reply message for sending auto reply so it looks like more user friendly and customized and bring value to your business.
As a Craigslist Auto Replier/ Craigslist Responder

ASTGD AutoResponder can be used to handle Craigslist coded mail. You just set your mother mail and the software will check for CraigsList coded mail and if any it will reply Craigslist back with your predefined message. It send message in multipart mime with HTML and plain text alternative body. So anyone can use it as a craigslist auto responder/ craigslist auto replier.

ASTGD AutoResponder also works great with your affiliate business. You just add account to check for incoming mails and set SMTP and multiple reply and the software will continuously send reply message after personalization so it looks like the recipient gets attractive reply/ offer from real person. It will increase your ROI in affiliate marketing. Also multiple SMTP will save a lot of trouble you may get in affiliate marketing. If you know the tricks as affiliate marketer then this is the most advanced and handy tool for you.

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