Arovax SmartHide 12-Month Worldwide Subscription

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Arovax SmartHide is a brand new and unique development in the sphere of Web anonymity, traffic encryption and full identity protection by Arovax Company. From now on, all internet users can become invisible with just one button click! Being extremely user-friendly, Arovax SmartHide secures the data you send over Internet. This new product is so effective that you can forget about proxies, socks, VPNs, SSH tunnels and other means of identity protection. Arovax SmartHide will encrypt all your internet traffic and secure all your internet protocols. Practically Everything can be secured with Arovax SmartHide: Web, E-mail, MSN, Yahoo messenger, icq, IRC, Games, P2P, etc. making your real identity hidden.

Arovax SmartHide 12-Month World Subscription Features:

  • 10 Shared IPs Worldwide
  • SmartHide VPN for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Easy to use software for Mac and PC
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Connection Speed
  • High Quality Internet Channel
  • Up to 10 users can connect at the same time
  • 12 Month subscription auto rebilling

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