Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro Commercial License (Lifetime Subscription)

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This piece software mainly helps users in making snapshots for anything on screen with the support of 10 capture modes including all-in-one, window, polygon, whole-screen, menu, etc. Thus, it not only fulfils the essential requirement on capturing any region on your screen, it also lets you handles the screenshots of scrolling windows, webpages, menus, etc. There’re also the options for you to set delay in capture, include mouse cursor in making snapshots for demonstration or others. Moreover, you can set to activate the screenshot in image editor for further process or save it to local drive directly.

Summary: windows, image editor

Concepts: Graphical user interface, Cursor


  • /technology and computing/software
  • /technology and computing/software/graphics software
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Tags: Graphical user interface, local drive directly.Summary, capture modes, essential requirement, piece software, mouse cursor, computing/software/graphics software/technology, image editor, image editorConcepts, snapshots, polygon, screen, windows, delay, screenshot, webpages, demonstration, menus, users, support, window, menu, region, screenshots, options, process, CursorCategories

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