Amazing World Clock


Amazing World Clock is a sophisticated and powerful software that let you keep track of time across the globe. It features a realistic and zoom-able world map that let you find and select cities and get lots of information for any city including country flag, dial code, ISO code, sun and moon, weather report and much more…, or add your favorite cities to clock list that is shown on your desktop and simply customize the clock list by using the powerful and easy-to-use clock designer.
Key Features
Unlimited number of clocks on your desktop
Realistic and zoom-able world map that let you find and select cities
Easy-to-use clock designer with lots of features that let you design your own clock
Built-in beautiful clock design presets
Multiple monitor support, so you can position clocks on any monitor
Realistic day-night view that tells you where on earth it is night and where it is day
Useful information for any city including sun & moon position, equinoxes & solstices…
Any number of cities and places can be added to the map
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System Requirements
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
512 MB of available random-access memory (RAM)
50 MB available hard disk space
At least 1280 x 800 screen resolution

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