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AlterCam – ultimate webcam software

With AlterCam you can add dozens of amazing effects to your webcam video stream in real time. Moreover, the program will split your webcam video to as many programs as you wish. Forget about those "webcam busy" error! Broadcast your screen, add text or logo images to the video stream, apply live effects.

With AlterCam you can:

  • record your webcam video (with real-time effects or without them)
  • add text, images, another video source (like ip-camera, webcam, desktop video, video file) over your webcam stream
  • change your voice in real-time
  • apply one or several real-time video effects (50+ effects) to your broadcasting
  • remove background with Chromakey and several other algorithms
  • broadcast your desktop or the selected window only with or without webcam video
  • split your video to many programs at the same time
  • have fun with your friends!

Do you know why AlterCam is better the competitors? We use your video card's GPU power to calculate all the effects, therefore our program will not slowdown your PC!

Summary: AlterCam, real time, Chromakey

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