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Your data is precious. For small businesses, data loss can be disastrous; for home computers, it can be heart-breaking. It will cost you time and effort re-create it, and that costs money! There are basically four reasons why you might lose data: hardware failures, software bugs, human action, or natural disasters. Although modern hardware tends to be quite reliable, it can still break spontaneously…
Don’t be among those who learn the hard way about the importance of backup. Create a backup copy with All-Round Backup and restore your critical data at one mouse click!
All-Round Backup is a versatile fully automated solution to back up your precious data on a local or external drive, Flash/USB, CD/DVD, FTP or network. All-Round Backup is a powerful and yet very easy-to-use tool. You can back up files “as is” or ZIP-compressed. First time all the files are copied, but then only new and changed ones, which minimizes replication time. The powerful and flexible scheduler will allow you to effectively automate backup process. All the steps are guided by an intuitive wizard. All-Round Backup lets easily restore your data from a backup copy. The program comes with an advanced file conflicts solution: you will be able to select the files to restore from the list.
Moreover, the program has a number of unique features: The advanced filtering system allows you easily selecting only specific file type, e.g. images, audio files etc. Sound notifications will play when an event occurs (backup completed or failed etc). You can also get notifications by email about critical errors.
The main key features are:
– Backup to any media device including CD/DVD – ZIP-compression – Powerful filter system – Advanced file conflicts solution – Email and sound notifications

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