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Aiseesoft SlideShow Maker is the powerful and easy to use SlideShow Movie Maker or SlideShow Video Creator. It enables you to create your own Slide show from your source media files – videos, photos and music files. After the making and editing, you can create your own video/audio files as the formats of MP4, AVI, FLV, SWF, MP3, M4A, AAC and any other formats.

As the professional SlideShow Maker, it can edit the added files as the SlideShow Editor to edit the output file properties like trim any source file captures, crop video play region and adjust the output effects. While you create the output files, more specific settings are available for you to adjust like video/audio parameters.

Key Functions
1.Create slide show from video/photo/audio files
Directly import local video/photo files and add audio files as the background music to create slideshow.

2.Add text as the subtitle
You can write in any text contents as the subtitle directly. Edit video/photo/audio/text properties

3.As the slideshow editor, it can edit the added source files including crop the video play region, trim any video/audio clips to the project and adjust the output effects to meet your needs.
Preview your self-created slideshow project You can preview the effect of your self-created project before you create it.

4.Create any video/audio files
After finish the editing for the slideshow project, you can start to create video/audio file with all popular formats.

Key Features
1.Pre-set video/audio collections
This slideshow Maker includes valuable video/audio collection for you to manage your slideshow source files. It also pre-set valuable and many photo/audio sources.

2.Accept almost all the video/photo/audio formats
All video/audio/photo formats can be accepted by this slideshow maker for you to create your own slideshow files.

Summary: Editor, editor

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