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Airstrike Eagles of World War II is an exciting arcade flight combat game set in World War II. You take part in a series of Campaigns each simulating a different part of the war. Unlike other games, in Airstrike you don’t need to complete a mission to advance in the campaign. Succeed or fail, the war goes on.

The initial campaigns put you in control of planes of the USAAF. More free download campaigns will be released in the coming months taking you to other parts of the war and other air forces such as the RAF, Luftwaffe and Red Air Force.

Each month you are given a selection of missions to play in different locations. By flying these missions, you can improve your Service Record, and earn promotions to higher Ranks. Total victory in a mission can earn you Medals, but even partial success can still help the war effort, provided you manage to damage or destroy enemy planes or facilities.

Lead your side to victory, or just try and survive the enemy onslaught!

Summary: World War II, Red Air Force

Concepts: World War II, Air force, Aerial warfare, Royal Air Force, Luftwaffe, Soviet Air Forces, Battle of Britain, Force


  • /society/unrest and war
  • /law, govt and politics/armed forces/air force
  • /business and industrial/aerospace and defense/space technology

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