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Advanced SystemCare 10 PRO is an easy-to-use and yet all-in-one optimization program. With just one click, you can clean, optimize, speed up and protect your computer. The newly added FaceID, browser protection and display removal bring the security of your PC to a higher level. When FaceID is activated, this program automatically uses new face detection technology to automatically take photos of intruders who secretly access your PC and spy on your privacy. With the browser protection and ads removal, you can surf the web free of charge.

Summary: FaceID, face detection

Concepts: World Wide Web, Computer security, Algorithm, Microsoft, Computer, Security, Protection, Optimization


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  • /technology and computing/computer security/antivirus and malware

Tags: all-in-one optimization program, newly added FaceID, new face detection, browser protection, World Wide Web, Advanced SystemCare, ads removal, higher level, computing/computer security/antivirus, PC, intruders, malware

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