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Who needs Address Professional?
How do you address a Duchess with a Ph. D. in a letter?
Is a Cardinal an Excellency oder Eminency, or is that the title for an Envoy?
Where do you put the postal code on a british address?
Do you also think that these are important questions concerning your daily correspondence?
Like the Deutsche Bank in Berlin? Like the City of Hanau? Or ZF Friedrichshafen?
It is a matter of course, that important corporations and efficient federal organisations pay attention to such detail. Because the know what really counts!
An whoever wants to make the best of their addresses and contact data, will want the best solution for the job – Address Professional!
That’s why: Anyone who uses letters, email or the phone to keep in touch, and cannot accept errors concerning the address and the form of address, needs Address Professional:
global businesses
federal organisations
small and medium businesses
Address Professional is used by the largest and most successful companies on the market, innovative federal organisations and many, many individuals. They all have in common, that they insist on the best possible foundation for the quality of their precious contact data, as all further workflow and potential stemming from these contacts, can only be as good as the quality of the address data used.
What do you do with Address Professional?
Just a few hints at what you my use Address Professional for:
Secretarial work
Office organisation
Public Relations
Direct marketing
Customer support
Service & Support
Event management
Gift management
Project management
You will cover the following areas with Address Professional:
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
And you do it all in your network, over all departments, with the highest standards of security, performance and ease of use!
With a simple mouse click, you call up your own filters, views and extracts, and get just the information important to you at that moment, at a glance!
Address Professional is the perfect solution for your currently dispersed and differing address files and thus the tried and dependable addition to your current infrastructure – be it Outlook/Exchange, Notes, Groupwise etc.
Address Professional ist your company-wide portal for perfect contact data.
Where are your advantages in using Address Professional?
Address Professional offers all the necessary features, to organize your address data on the highest level of quality, and to quickly and easily manage your internal office workflow:
Switch from German to English immediately, without restarting the application
Letters, faxes, mail-merge letters and mail-merge faxes on the click of a button
Single and individual mail-merge emails using MAPI or SMTP
Alway perfect addresses adhering to the standards of DIN 5008, the UPU (Universal Postal Union) and the “Sekretärinnenhandbuch” (German only!)
At least 500 attributes to categorize your addresses
500 notes per address
A private and global re-appointment list
Document management(all kinds, videos etc., too)
Security mechanisms to individually step down access
Data import and a special Outlook import
Outlook sync of contacts and re-appointments
Contact hisytory to link and manage events and documents
Labels, lists and reports at the press of a button
Define your own output formats for tables, labels, documents and clipboard
Telephony interface for incoming and outgoing phonecalls (TAPI)
Filters and extracts may be saved for private or global usage
QuickDrop – magically enters address data from your clipboard
Powerful multiple entry manager
Quality control to systematically improve your contact data
Many SQL databases supported
Many interfaces to other products
And much, much more
As if all this weren’t enough, Address Professional is a bargain.
Why do you need Address Professional?
If your contact data is not of absolutely perfect quality, this will always have a consciously and subconsciously damaging effect on your image with the recepient.
You don’t believe so? How do you react to a letter, that addresses your person incorrectly?
That’s why the quality of the addresses you enter, is our prime concern when you are working with Address Professional. Otherwise, all the other important features to help you with your daily work, wouldn’t make much sense.
There is hardly a better way for entering national and international address data, than with Address Professional. Address Professional will not tolerate mistakes!
Addresses from Germany or the Netherlands can be entered in their entirety, with the postal code and city for the street address, the postbox address and the customer postal code. Try finding this feature elsewhere!
Forms of address are generated automatically and uniformly. Such as the Duchess with a Ph. D.!
Medical titles such as “Dr. med.”, the addressing specifics of Asian countries etc., are automatically processed by Address Professional. There is nothing you can do wrong!
Addresses are generated according to the DIN 5008 and the standards of the Unvisersal Postal Union. You do not need to know, if a country requires a country code in its address, and if this code must be placed in front of the postal code, or somewhere else!
Exclusively, only in Address Professional: “Anreden und Titel von A bis Z” of the “Sekretärinnenhandbuch”. This will allow you to always find the perfect title and form of address for personalities of politics, business, nobility and clergy! (For German addresses only).
Your users utilize academic titles, positions, job titles, forms of address, as defined by you. This guarantees a uniform high quality for all addresses entered, especially in team-work.
Your correspondence is your calling card – You absolutely cannot tolerate mistakes!
That is why the perfect address is the foundation of your work with Address Professional, and thus the foundation of your success.
What does Address Professional do exactly?
Expressions such as “Customer Relationship Management (CRM)”, Contact-Management, Customer Binding or Dialogue Marketing are very popular for giving a product added attractiveness. But these expressions merely describe workflows.
With Address Professional, you bring these workflows to life. By creating the right foundation, this will lead to an efficient CRM. First and mostly, this means ensuring address data of perfect quality. Address Professional does just that, and much more:
Data structures and data formatting are held strictly separate
Company-wide uniform entry, maintenance and output of your contact data
A slim, simple and clear user interface
Easily understandable filter functions for very complex queries and distribution lists
Multi language capability, changeable “on the run”
Complete integration of Word, Outlook, Office, Groupwise etc.
Single- and multi-user operation, with conflict free synchronisation for mobile usage
Very simple installation und administration
Strict policy of ” No useless features” and “No empty promises”
Our legendary support – we bend over backwards for our customers
With perfect addresses, Address Professional builds the foundation for your Address-Management, CRM – Customer Relationship Management, Contact-Management, Customer Binding, Dialogue Marketing and Direkt Marketing needs.
With its very powerful features that, at the same time, are very easy to use, Address Professional offers all that is necessary to manage your workflows in an extremely simple manner.
In other words: Address Professional will solve all of your problems entering and utilizing your contact data. Our strict adherence to the know-how of our customers, will let you avoid follow-up problems and collateral damage, you are not even considering at this moment.
Why no other product?
As already mentioned earlier: Our customers include the Cremé de la Cremé of German speaking companies and federal institutions, that are clear leaders, when it comes to using and creating innovation. Address Professional fulfills our customers expectations to the fullest – the expectations of the Best.
You too, should profit from the know-how of the Best!
Other than you might believe, successful companies and federal customers do not want the most flexible and feature-laden software. They are seeking a solution, not a new problem!
Our customers themselves offer products and services, that elegantly and efficiently solve the problems of their respective markets. They will always tend to develop the simplest solution for a problem – quite aware of the fact, that creating simplicity is time consuming and offers no short cuts. Unchecked “flexiblity” on the other hand, that seems to offer a solution for every thinkable problem, at the same time complicates matters unnecessarily.
To keep it short: Only a simple and comprehensible solution for your Address-Management problem, is also to be considered a professional solution!
If your looking for the best solution, you have no alternative to Address Professional.
Trinity creates simplicity
Address Professional is divided into three distinct programs, so that your users aren’t forced to wade through one huge application full of superfluous menus and options.
User Manager
User and User-Group management, import, Outlook-import, logfile management
Defaults Manager
500 attributes, 25 communcations media, labels, fieldnames, global user defaults, defaults for address, form of address, job description, academic titles, position, job titles, country codes, country formats, output formats, sender data, quality ensurance, gift management with defaults and reports
Address Manager
Personal user defaults, printing of lists, reports and labels, address entry and maintenance (address data plus: 500 attributes per address, 25 communications media per address, 500 notes per address with re-appointment, bank data, 16.000 documents, pictures or other files per address with re-appointment), QuickDrop – Magically enter your data from the clipboard, multiple-entry manager and control, contact history, sort-, data-, search- and attribute filters, extracts and views, all may be privately or globally archived for later re-use, phone dialing und callcenter (TAPI, in- and outbound), letters (single and mail-merge), emails, individual serial emails faxes (MAPI or SMTP: Outlook, Outlook Express, Exchange, Groupwise etc.), automatically generate Word templates for single and mail-merge documents, Re-appointment of notes, documents and anniversaries to all users or a single user, Outlook integration, sync Outlook appointments, address pool, gift manager, sender manager, single search, note search, search and replace, output formats, „Anreden und Titel von A – Z” (German only), automation sserver, unlimited address databases, unlimited addresses per database.
Databases supported
OK: The following statement might not be quite fair of us, as Address Professional has been supporting the major SQL databases since 1991, whereas other “solutions” have only just a few years ago, hopped on the bandwagon – often enough only supporting one SQL database by one company.
Even if you do need considerable know-how to develop a product that supports several databases, we would always expect this feature as a hallmark of professionalism.
And you should to!
In addition to the “MS Access” database format (MS Access is not needed), Address Professional supports the following SQL databases: Gupta/Centura SQLBase, DB2, Firebird, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Desktop Engine (MSDE), Max/SAP DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle.
Everything in one application. No added charge. No pitfalls. Just simply professional.
Address Professional may be easily intergrated and interfaced with other applications. Here a list of the interfaces and examples of applying them:
Single- and mail-merge documents MS Word 97 upwards and compatible products
Phone dialing and incoming call detection with Windows (TAPI)
Email using MAPI, SMTP, MailTo:
Internet using any Internet browser
Database connectivity via ODBC
Unified Messaging Services
OLE/General integration as an Automation Server
MS Outlook as an Addressbook Provider, in the message screen, re-appointments, anniversaries and appointments
MS Word via OLE and CashOffice
Business Software i.e. SelectLine
Additionally with SQL database servers via Stored Procedures and Triggers
Of course you may use the interfaces for other Office products such as Lotus Notes, GroupWise etc.
And you may install Address Professional i.e. on a Linux server or use it with a Terminal-Server.
Address Professional in short
Our customers expect a simple to use product, that will solve a lot of problems for them. Since 1991, we have gained satisfied customers from all manners of business. The product is simple to use and you will easily become proficient in its use. Installing Address Professional is simple and does not require any changes to your Windows.
Address Professional is clearly and simply structured, without overwhelming menus, sub-menus and features. The simple output of labels, mail-merge letters and emails etc., is all handled in the well known typical Windows manner. You can create distribution lists with the click of a mouse. Simple searching, filtering and sorting is guaranteed.
In summary, Address Professional is an up to date, reliable and proven Address-Management software, that will drastically simplify your work on your PC, making it the number one choice for the single entry level user and the corporate client with thousands of users.
Our test program is not a trimmed down version, but the real thing, with which you will immediately get to work.
Do as the Best do: Decide on Address Professional.

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