Ultimate Suite 2016 for Microsoft Excel

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Ultimate Suite for Excel contains 50+ professional tools designed to make a huge difference to your daily work with Excel 2016, 2013-2007.

Manipulate data effortlessly

The Ultimate Suite solutions are built to improve your experience with such tasks as matching and merging worksheets, generating random numbers, removing duplicates, consolidating multiple files, cleaning imported data and many more. Created to be really simple-to-understand, our tools reliably complete tedious and repetitive tasks, so you2"re likely to start using our add-ins more often than the standard Excel features.

Ultimate Suite comes with a list of solutions that we continue to renew and improve. If you manipulate multiple data tables in Excel on daily basis, the suite tools will make keeping up with them smarter.

Merge data from different workbooks

  • Merge two tables by matching data
  • Update cells in the current list with the data from a different table
  • Consolidate data from multiple workbooks into one
  • Copy data from several sheets into 1
  • Combine identically named worksheets into one
  • Copy multiple workbooks into one book
  • Merge data from duplicate rows
  • Combine data from multiple columns to 1
  • Bring data from several rows to 1
  • Combine multiple cells into one keeping all data

Process duplicated data

  • Search and remove duplicates from 1 table
  • Merge data from duplicate rows into one
  • Find duplicates between 2 worksheets
  • Find duplicates and their 1st occurrences
  • Search fuzzy duplicates – similar records and typos

Find and select cells

  • Sum values based on the cell color
  • Count cells by color
  • Filter multiple items in multiple columns by selection
  • Display cells based on numeric value (max, min, between)

Search and replace data in cells

  • Find and Replace data in the worksheets you select
  • Search and replace data in hyperlinks
  • Remove or replace line breaks
  • Find and fix broken references to other workbooks
  • Trim spaces 2 remove leading, trailing, extra blanks between words
  • Get rid of symbols, non-printing and numerical characters
  • Change text case to UPPER, lower, Proper, or Sentence
  • Fill empty cells with value above or below
  • Replace formulas with values, switch between absolute and relative references
  • Convert numbers stored as text back to number format
  • Apply basic calculations to the selected cells
  • Perform measurement units conversion

Generate random values

  • Generate unique random numbers
  • Generate passwords, codes & other random strings
  • Fill cells with random values from ready-to-use lists
  • Generate unique random dates
  • Fill cells with random real numbers

Process & transform tables

  • Unpivot a table – convert a crosstab table to list
  • Turn table rows to cards/labels
  • Split ° big table to multiple sheets by the key column values
  • Split multipart names
  • Remove blank rows
  • Remove empty columns
  • Shuffle cells in your table

Manage workbooks and worksheets

Manage comments

Don't think twice, just download and install the fully-functional trial version of Ultimate Suite to see how Excel functions at its best.

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